Digital Transformation

As a leading digital transformation service provider, we’re familiar with new-age technologies such as Artificial Intelligence(AI), machine learning, Robotics Process Automation (RPA), cloud, IoT, Big data and more. We don’t wind up after offering the most-upgraded digital transformation solutions but also re-structure the legacy systems.

Get Ready for Digital Transformation

At Atrity, our digital consultants & strategists aim at optimizing your legacy systems so as to make your IT operations fast and help you to reap the benefits of IT over the board.

Our experts assess all the risks and challenges in your IT landscape and formulate a strategic roadmap that extends digital capabilities. With our digital transformation expertise, we’ve helped businesses ranging from SMEs to large-scale enterprises ride over their business challenges and gain a competitive edge.

Our digital transformation solutions & techniques can help you deliver high-touch convergent experiences to your clients and amplify workforce productivity & innovation.

Our holistic approach involves user profiling, journey mapping, digital audits, design engineering, rapid prototyping, market testing, and assessing a 360 impact on business.

Our expert digital transformation engineers can induce digital capabilities, adapt to changing business landscape, leverage next-generation products and services focused on the digital age, eventually transform & modernize the digital experience of your enterprise.


Unveil the Powers of Digital Transformation

At Atrity, our digital transformation strategies aim at fostering an innovation-based culture in your enterprise.

For this, we centralize information digitally avoiding manual data records, automate the processes, enhance customer experience with data-driven insights, and more.

After evaluating your current IT state, we establish agile-focused approaches that help you make a mark in the competitive landscape.

To accomplish this, we help you take responsive operations based on actionable insights and data assets.

Some of the Networking solutions we provide are:

Build a strong networking infrastructure with Atrity and establish a hassle-free communicative space between your endpoints and users.

  • Design & Implementation of LAN/WAN (Structured/Semi-Structured/Normal)
  • Network Auditing along with assessment of current setup
  • Site Planning via operation research techniques & scheduled cable blueprinting
  • Structured Cabling
  • Optimization of network resources
  • Network Management
  • Network Security Planning & Implementation
  • Networking Switches
  • Switching Rack & Server Rack
  • Firewall


Innovative Software Solutions

We are a leading software development company capable of delivering a full range of software development solutions for private & public industry verticals. Regardless of any industry, you can opt for our backup of data on-site for ease of restoration, remote backup offsite for additional security, maximum disaster recovery, and hassle-free continuity of the business.

Travel Industry Solutions
Tourism Industry Solutions
Hospitality Industry Solutions
Health care
Medical Industry Solutions
Education Industry Solutions
Real Estate Industry Solutions
Finance Industry Solutions
Retail Industry Solutions
Insurance Industry Solutions
Food Industry Solutions

Technology Demands Innovation.

technology demands
  • Full traceability, collaborative working, built-in flexibility approaches, best-in-breed processes, and feedback-driven models
  • Creation of in-house knowledge repositories and well-defined maintenance process
  • Proven capabilities to undertake strategic projects, as well as operational assignments
  • Cost-efficient operations, troubleshooting, comprehensive service assurance, and analytics


Your Questions Answered.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the process of creating a digital environment eliminating all the traditional practices and switching onto a new digitized business process, culture, and customer experience.

What digital transformation services do you offer?

Right from digital transformation ideation, IoT system engineering, end-to-end machine learning, AI model production, big data infrastructure and management, to re-engineering of legacy products and apps, we take care of transforming your traditional IT landscape.

Will I be updated regularly about the operation status?

Ofcourse, we will have a dedicated team to update you then and there about the operations performed. And, without your knowledge, we don’t take even a small change. Our team is transparent and we convey everything to you.

When should I opt for digital transformation?

It’s not like any particular time or phase. Whenever you feel like your IT system goes out of the trend, then you have to definitely embrace digital transformation. This is what expands your business profile, enhances your customer satisfaction, and over ranks your competitors.

What should I do to implement a successful digital transformation?

According to research by McKinsey, there are some key aspects which when applied are 3 times more likely to report successful digital transformations. Those aspects include,

  • Collaborating with digital-savvy leaders
  • Building futuristic digital capabilities to the workforce
  • Empowering employees to stop working manually
  • Upgrading all the tools regularly
  • Communicating frequently through traditional and digital channels
How much do you charge for digital transformation?

We cannot give a plain statement on this. First, we will have to analyze your business type, scale what kind of transformations have to implement, understand your requirements, only then we can suggest a pricing package.

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