For a network of any size, Atrity can design, build, manage and support your large and medium scale private/public facing networks. Improve your connectivity with our unique networking solutions that could support your business’s workflow, production process and more.

Safe & Secure Networking Solutions

Atrity can help with any size of network infrastructure. We provide complete management and support to ensure your employees and vendors stay connected at all times. Our services include designing, building and monitoring your network.

Building up security is one of the major responsibilities of a network administrator and we ensure to keep your network fast and secured. We also ensure that firewall configurations are set properly in order to protect your data from hacking attempts.

We also seek ways to improve security by scanning data packets for viruses and malware to stop them from spreading. Through our unique network solutions, we can generate increased efficiency and high productivity for your business.



Out of the Box Network Management

We help with any size of network infrastructure with complete management to keep your networks safe and secure. We can generate high productivity for your business by building a secure connection between your employees and vendors. One of the major elements for a business to be successful is to have a safe and secure network and we at Atrity ensure to provide it as per your business requirements.

The services we offer include designing, building, and monitoring your network.

Some of the Networking solutions we provide are:

Build a strong networking infrastructure with Atrity and establish a hassle-free communicative space between your endpoints and users.

  • Design & Implementation of LAN/WAN (Structured/Semi-Structured/Normal)
  • Network Auditing along with assessment of current setup
  • Site Planning via operation research techniques & scheduled cable blueprinting
  • Structured Cabling
  • Optimization of network resources
  • Network Management
  • Network Security Planning & Implementation
  • Networking Switches
  • Switching Rack & Server Rack
  • Firewall


Reliable IT Outsourcing Partner

At Atrity, we’re proud of delivering standout services that meet specific demands for every industry. We are capable of developing comprehensive business IT solutions that help streamline processes, accelerate growth, control costs, and maximize profits. Whether it’s a start-up or an established firm, our IT professionals can help in driving innovation via digital transformation.

Travel Industry Solutions
Tourism Industry Solutions
Hospitality Industry Solutions
Health care
Medical Industry Solutions
Education Industry Solutions
Real Estate Industry Solutions
Finance Industry Solutions
Retail Industry Solutions
Insurance Industry Solutions
Food Industry Solutions

Technology Demands Innovation.

technology demands
  • Cost-efficient operations, troubleshooting, comprehensive service assurance, and analytics
  • Have gone through Technical Assurance Process (TAP) to ensure that our services meet our client’s standards
  • Experienced team that can foresee various eventualities and take proactive action
  • Full traceability, collaborative working, built-in flexibility approaches, best-in-breed processes, and feedback-driven models


Your Questions Answered.

How do you do an architecture assessment?

Before jumping into the design phase, our architects clarify quality attribute requirements for the IT system. We review the architecture of the system and its documentation to provide a solution that best meets functional and non-functional requirements.

What does software architecture include?

Software architecture incorporates all the components, the way they interact with each other, the environment in which they operate, the principles used to design the software, and the evolution of the software in future.

What do I get out of an architecture assessment?

A detailed documentation of current design, planning for future-proof architecture designs, and enhancements to your delivery pipeline, you’ll get out of an architecture assessment.

What are the types of architecture systems?

Based on the type of interface, the architecture system can be classified as identified, integrated, distributed, and mixed.

What are the 10 architecture design elements?

Shapes, lines, curves & spirals, angles, symmetry, colour, contrast, patterns, texture, and empty spaces are the ten architecture design elements.

How much do you charge for assessment & architecture services?

We cannot give a blank pricing statement. Based on your requirements, price ranges may vary. To know more about our pricing structures, feel free to drop us a message at any time.

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